Friday, August 22, 2014

D&D Next characters: Thunt, Fighter level 1

Okay, this might be a sign I'm running out of ideas. I've started to recreate characters from previous campaigns. I'm a little sad I haven't gotten to use him as much, though.

Thunt is a character I made for my first long campaign, known now as Valendia I. He was a shopkeeper at Thunt's Arms and Armor, in a large city that had been occupied by enemy forces. He was part of a coalition of all the craft guilds, mercenary guilds, mage guilds, and of course the player characters themselves, to liberate the city.

When entering his shop, the players would always be met with the rhythmic hammering from the back of the shop. However, Thunt was also a ferocious Fighter, and did his part to fight back the occupying forces.

This is a version of Thunt early in his career, and what he would look like if he was a player character. He's been given a more ambitious purpose than spending his days making Masterwork weapons, one that builds up the world he inhabits.

The name "Thunt" actually comes from the screen name of Tarol Hunt, the webcomic artist behind Goblins. I thought it sounded like an Orcish name.

Half-Orc Fighter 1
Neutral Good
Speed 30 ft.
HP 12
AC 16 (+6 Armor)
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
Greatsword +5 melee 2d6+3
Light Crossbow +3 ranged 1d8+1
Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8
Class Features: Fighting Style - Great Weapon Fighting, Second Wind (Regain 1d10+2 HP)
Racial Features: Darkvision, Relentless Endurance (can drop to 1 instead of 0), Savage Attacks (extra dice of damage on critical),
Skills: Intimidation, Athletics, Survival, Insight, Persuasion
Languages: Common, Orc
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armor: All, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Tools: Smith's tools
Chainmail, Dungeoneer's pack, Light Crossbow, 20 Bolts, Greatsword, Longsword, Smith's tools, 15 GP, Guild letter of introduction,
Background: Guild Artisan (Smith/metalworking)
Feature: Guild Member
Members of the Smithing guild will provide food and water, amongst other needs if necessary.
Likes to talk about his craft; wants to become well-known for his work.
Ideal: You have to use the skills you're given to do good in the world. I swing swords and work a forge.
Bond: I owe my guild a debt for making me who I am.
Flaw: Can be very suspicious that people are trying to rip him off.

Thunt is an imposing Half-Orc with gray skin, coarse black hair with black sideburns, and a single chipped fang jutting from his lower jaw. He is close to 7 feet tall and has thick arms, even for a Half-Orc, muscles formed from working the forge for long hours. He wears a huge sword on his back, with a finely honed edge. He also wears heavy armor. All of his equipment is carefully maintained.

Thunt is very quiet and reserved, preferring to speak through his actions. He has encountered enough shifty merchants to be suspicious of those who talked too much. However, he has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will speak up when he feels his principles are being violated. Thunt has a great admiration for the work of skilled craftsman, and constantly seeks to improve his own already impeccable work.

Thunt spent his early childhood among a tribe of Orcs, and, with no other guidance, had adopted their ferocious nature. When he was around 6 years old, a militia was sent to their stronghold in order to eliminate the threat the Orcs posed to the nearby villages. The Orcs were wiped out: men, women, and children. However, the man leading the expedition halted at the half-breed, and adopted him as his own. He introduced him to the forge, and Thunt gained an outlet for his violent nature, as well as a source of pride and discipline.

He then grew up and joined the craftsman's guild, where he has been a constant contributor. He now seeks to travel the world and learn more about his craft. He is especially interested in the work that can be done from so-called "magic forges" - where the magical properties of the forge combine with the skill of the craftsman to create powerful weapons.

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